The following officers are called the Bridge, and they are elected by the membership in February of each year. In addition, an Assistant Education Officer, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer are elected, as well as three members of the Executive Committee.

  2017-2018 Bridge Officers:

Commander: Cdr Robert W. Nagle, P
Executive Officer: P/C Thomas J. Miller, AP
Educational Officer: Lt/C Milton J. (Bud) Menchey, JN
Administrative Officer: Lt/C
Joyce C. Filius, S
Secretary: Lt/C Connie H. Gutshall, P
Treasurer: Lt/P/C Lee C. Gutshall, P


Executive Committee: (Bridge officers plus):
P/C Ryan L. Moore, AP
P/C Fred W. Wise, Jr., SN
Lt Donald E. McKonly, SN


Anchorline Editor: Lt Dolly Furst, S
Vessel Safety Checks: P/C Edward P. Furst, Jr., S
Webmaster: P/C Fred Wise, Sr., SN

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